[ubuntu-uk] Canon Lide25 and Xsane

taufanlubis ifanlbs at indosat.net.id
Mon Apr 21 03:02:54 BST 2008

> I have a Canon Lide 25 scanner on Gutsy - the hardware pages report that
> it works out of the box, which is why I chose it.
> It scans OK with Xsane, but when the scanned image window comes up it
> fills the whole screen, covering the panels. There's no border,
> min/max/close buttons, but the menu bar is shown. If I choose any menu
> item, it locks up.
> I've been digging about on the forums and the Sane/Xsane sites, but I
> can't find a solution to this.
> Any advice on this?

I use Canon scanner with xsane too. 
Actually I had the same problem when I used Feisty before. 
And on Gutsy, yes, at the first time.
Then I update my system, finally everything run smoothly.


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