[ubuntu-uk] joining flv files

Mark Fraser kubuntu at mfraz74.orangehome.co.uk
Fri Apr 18 18:36:46 BST 2008

On Friday 18 April 2008 15:55:59 Javad Ayaz wrote:
> Hi,
> Not so long ago i was told of the following
> > cat /path/to/file1.vob /path/to/file2.vob > /path/to/output.vob
> for joining vob files....im just wondering ....does this work for flv files
> as well?
> i cant seem to get it to work so im thinking maybe its not possible!
> Any ideas?

I was going to ask the same thing soon as I've come across a few flvs that 
needed joining. The only thing I could think of was to convert them to mpg 
first and then join them.

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