[ubuntu-uk] IPTABLES

Huw Selley huw at munted.org
Fri Apr 18 14:31:24 BST 2008

On 18 Apr 2008, at 13:15, Andy Smith wrote:

>> On a side note, I've added a symbolic link called S95firewall to  
>> this script
>> in /etc/rc2.d/, but it doesn't seem to run this script at startup?  
>> Any ideas
>> what I'm doing wrong?

I would use the 'update-rc.d' tool to add the correct symlinks (put  
the script in /etc/init.d).

So if you script is called firewall and it's in /etc/init.d run:

'update-rc.d firewall defaults'

This should then create the required start/stop symlinks.

I use 'defaults' here ..... if you want to pick the specific runlevels  
the script gets called on then check the man page for update-rc.d



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