[ubuntu-uk] Hardy Issues

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Thu Apr 17 22:31:37 BST 2008

Chris Smith wrote:
> Well I found another issue. With the "reduce backlight brightness"
> option ticked for battery power. If I remove the AC cord it dims, plug
> it back in again it gets brighter. If I keep repeating the 2 states get
> progressively less bright after doing this 4 times battery is set to use
> the minimum brightness and AC is only just above it. I can't find anyway
> of resetting the behaviour apart from restarting.

Exactly the same happens on my Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with Hardy.

I have assigned this bug #218898:


Please can you check it, comment if it matches your experience (in 
particular, state that it happens on your Thinkpad, not just my Dell) 
and mark the bug as Confirmed. Thanks,

Andrew Oakley

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