[ubuntu-uk] possible to install ubuntu like gentoo?

Lucy lucybridges at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 16:21:10 BST 2008

On 17/04/2008, Farran Lee <fazzy.baboon at ntlworld.com> wrote:
>  I sent this just now but it wouldn't go through because the file was too large. Not been moderated yet:
>  I'm back, that was a lot quicker than I expected.
>  Okay, spec: 2GB OCZ SLI approved nVidia memory
>  1024mb SLI nVidia 8600GTS graphics card
>  Intel core 2 duo q6600 G0
>  Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R motherboard
>  That makes sense I suppose, so it's most likely the ram.

If that ram pasted memtest then it should be fine, so it's most likely
some other piece of hardware.

> Here's some of the syslog attached, as I have no idea what's necessary, so I'll give you  the last bootup. Sorry it's so long, as I'm not sure when it crashed (again).

Please don't send huge files to the list! Stick it up online
somewhere, like pastebin.ubuntu.com and email the link instead.

As for not having any reported updates, what happens when you try
'apt-get update' on the command line?

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