[ubuntu-uk] Route Planning Solution?

Alex Barrett alex at netherways.com
Mon Apr 14 11:23:25 BST 2008


Thanks for your replies so far guys but Is there nothing out there like 
Autoroute? or a method to get Autoroute to work.

They also have contracts for farm machinery transportation so YES they 
do send me to vague addresses, I can assure you that "Grenaciers Farm, 
Yzeure" is a valid address to the transport office!

I am oldschool in my methods most the time, and I own lots of maps, but 
my new company has routes going everywhere from Bulgaria to Portugal, 
and carrying enough maps with enough detail on them for that area simply 
takes up too much room, when my laptop could hopefully do the job.

I also have a 3G card on the Vodaphone network, that does work abroad, 
in fact I used it in Denmark a few months ago and for 3 hours usage over 
a week I had to pay £157 - I can't remember how many MB that worked out 
as but I would imagine Google Earth or the suchlike would kill it.

So thank you for your suggestions but I REALLY need an offline, desktop, 
mapping solution as nothing else fits my needs.

Thank you.


Ged wrote:
> Alex Barrett wrote:
>> My SatNav is good but only up to a certain point when you start 
>> searching for things with vague addresses.
> I'm a private hire driver and I would tell you to use a map and plan 
> your routes so you learn the roads. Use the gps on the final run into 
> town. We have drivers who are totally lost if it isn't on the tom tom. 
> They don't learn anything.
> As for things with vague addresses, they shouldn't be sending goods to 
> places like that.
> Ask truck drivers at motorway service stations for directions. They'll 
> tell you every road number on your route, and one day you'll do the same !!
> Good Luck
> Ged.

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