[ubuntu-uk] Route Planning Solution?

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at openyourwindows.com
Mon Apr 14 00:45:38 BST 2008

You could use google earth.

Also if you search for gps on sourceforge there are a number of projects
there but most will be similar to your satnav.


On Sun, 2008-04-13 at 23:20 +0100, Alex Barrett wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I'm starting a career as a long distance lorry driver and am looking for 
> some way to get a route planning solution, such as Autoroute onto my 
> Xubuntu laptop - which I carry with me as I go.
> I can't always guarantee I'll have internet access so web only solutions 
> such as Google maps are no good to me.
> My SatNav is good but only up to a certain point when you start 
> searching for things with vague addresses.
> Has anyone got Autoroute working under WINE perhaps, or is there some 
> other software that I could use?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Alex
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