[ubuntu-uk] Good batch audio converter?

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 13 07:11:53 BST 2008

Michael Holmes wrote:
> Just need some quick advice on a good piece of software to convert my 
> audio library (currently in about 8 hours of music, mainly MP3 but a few 
> in AAC too) to Ogg Vorbis.

SoundConverter has worked well for me with this kind of job.  (It has a 
disconcertingly bare GUI, but there are lots of useful setting options 
in 'Preferences'.)

(I did some MP4 (AAC) once (though not the ones with drm - M4a IIRC - 
which proved impossible);  irratatingly, I don't recall how.  VLC does 
conversions, so perhaps I used that.)

However, I understand that dbPoweramp runs under WINE:


I haven't tried it, but this on-line convert promises to convert AAC to OGG:



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