[ubuntu-uk] The BBC Launches Wiiplayer??? WHAT!?

Andy Smith andy at lug.org.uk
Fri Apr 11 10:56:54 BST 2008

Hi Steve,

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 07:26:57PM +0100, Steve Cook wrote:
> Channel4 recieve some funds from the licence fee. so should be under
> they some obligations as the BBC.

Not saying this is untrue but do you have a cite for it?

The last I was aware on this issue was:


10 Apr 2008:
"An Ofcom report says the BBC may have to give some of its licence
fee to the commercial broadcasters Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5."

i.e. they don't already.

Even if they did take this money, I don't see how this would
obligate them to do anything but what it is agreed to be used for.


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