[ubuntu-uk] The BBC Launches Wiiplayer??? WHAT!?

Jmaes Edward Grabham jgrabham at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 9 23:03:43 BST 2008

Tony Arnold wrote:
> Rob,
> Rob Beard wrote:
>> See I don't understand what the third parties get so fussed about.  The 
>> programmes can be recorded off air onto DVD and duplicated in much 
>> better quality than what you get on the iPlayer.
> It is a little odd. The BBC have to pay these third parties, i.e., the
> copyright owners a fee every time they broadcast their work (have you
> heard the podcast of the New Quiz, for example? They cut out any music
> excerpts that are played on the broadcast version!)
> I'm fairly sure that technically, anyone who records a TV programme is
> in breach of copyright as they are if they rip a CD to their MP3 player,
> and yet TV recording gear is sold in the millions and recording seems to
> be actively encouraged by some parties.
> The whole model is just wrong in my view. But I don't know how to ensure
> artists get a fair fee for their work but consumers also have the
> freedom to copy stuff as they wish.
>> Just tried the ITV catchup service, didn't seem to want to work on Hardy 
>> Beta with Firefox 3 Beta 5 and Flash on AMD64.  Still I'm not fussed, 
>> I'll just watch the corrie omnibus at the weekend.
> The ITV service only works on IE as it needs an Active X control
> installed for it to work. They've been quite up front from the start
> that this is a limitation.
> What gets me, though, is that whole load of fuss has been made about the
> iPlayer limitations from the BBC (including the ISPs wanting the BBC to
> contribute to the cost of upgrading their networks) and yet very little
> is said about the ITV service, which is even more restrictive than iPlayer.
> Regards,
> Tony.
Its simple, nobody's making you pay for the ITV service that you cant use.

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