[ubuntu-uk] Past Life Regression. How to cripple XP. Our dream come true.

Jmaes Edward Grabham jgrabham at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 8 18:50:54 BST 2008

Sean Miller wrote:
> I must admit that I wondered why it was so important to keep the 
> children off the internet... my daughter is now 13 (going on 18) and 
> needs the internet for her school homework... the expectation from her 
> teachers is that she will have access and there are websites that she 
> specifically has to access in order to perform certain tasks... there 
> are unfortunate children who don't have web access at home who end up 
> in the school library (on the PCs therein) all through lunchtime etc....
> Sean
Well, being a teenager myself, I have to agree with Sean.  There is no 
way they can get work for school done without the internet.  If they 
dont have it at home, theyll have to go to the Library or stay in school 
at breaks/lunch/after school.

Also, some games may require the internet for registration (I have a 
feeling NFS Prostreet saves your game online, so other games might as 
well) so no internet may pose a problem there.

Also, you could just use VNC to monitor what theyre doing.  O ruse your 
router to monitor what IPs theyre accessing.

(Granted I dont know much about this, as being resident geek of the 
family, the Router is in my bedroom, with all my PCs wired up, then My 
parents, and my sister just have laptops with wireless, I controll and 
administer our netowrk and internet connection, so the only person who 
can monitor what I go on... is me!! XD)

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