[ubuntu-uk] dilemma

norman norman at littletank.org
Mon Apr 7 11:45:49 BST 2008

I recently had occasion to look at some images in the default viewer,
Eye of Gnome, and noticed that these images seemed to be sharper and
brighter than the same images opened in either gThumb or GIMP. The
images opened in gThumb and GIMP were virtually the same in appearance.
After lots of experimentation the nearest I could get the images opened
in GIMP to those opened in EoG was to increase the saturation of the
GIMP images. 

You may say 'so what' but I want to compare and contrast images with
others and it makes it that more difficult if we have to make sure we
use the same application to view our images.

I have posed the question on the GIMP list but, apart from being blinded
with colour management, I have not progressed. So, I have a situation
where, with the same hardware and operating system (ie my set up) and
the same images what I see on my monitor is software dependent. 

Is there anyone on this list who may be able to throw some light on the
situation, please?


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