[ubuntu-uk] Past Life Regression. How to cripple XP. Our dream come true.

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Mon Apr 7 09:37:44 BST 2008

Sean Miller wrote:
> Couldn't you just uninstall the network drivers?  There must surely be 
> network drivers?

Yes, but it'll scream blue murder until someone re-installs them (nag 
screens up the wazoo).

A similar but less nag-prone method would be to mark the network 
hardware as disabled in Device Manager (again, as administrator, then 
only provide the child with a vanilla account). It's not like crippling 
MS-Windows is particularly difficult; it is the Perl of breakable 
operating systems, there's far more than one way to do it.

With my gateway-and-dns method, you would at least still be able to 
access the local Linux fileserver without too much fuss, if you needed 
to get the inevitable patches in the months after the game is released.

I feel ashamed to know this much, but my excuse is that I learned it on 
Windows 2000 and switched to Ubuntu, missing out Windows XP entirely.

Andrew Oakley

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