[ubuntu-uk] Persuading a school to switch

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 10:28:54 BST 2008

Ask the user/audience "What do you want to do with your computer? Give
me a particular task/function that you wish to perform!".

Some bright spark will shout out "Get it to make me a cup of tea" or
"I wanna play Unreal Tournament" but once you get a serious answer you
can usually impress.

Someone said to me, "I'd like to do Computer Aided Design CAD, so I'd
use a computer for that."

You say, "No problem, give me a couple of minutes".

Go to Applications, Add/Remove, show all available applications and
put CAD into the search field. A few seconds later you're rewarded
with a few different CAD programs.

"Here you go" you say, "Now, watch how easy it is to install" You tick
the checkbox, follow the 'wizard' and low and behold you can launch
the CAD software on the PC...

When this works (and to be fair, I must admit I've not had a problem
when I've tried this although it's usually on a one to one basis)
people are mega impressed! Punctuate your talk (whilst going through
the package manager) with comments like

"And of course we're not paying a penny for this software"

"We don't have to perform any installation ourselves or worry about
viruses, this software is all coming from a trusted respository"

"Did you know that all of the software we get in this manner will get
security updates along with the OS"

Let us know how you get on.


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