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>  Just seen this on The Register...
>  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/03/31/uk_computing_museum_evicted/
>  I've posted a comment about the Ubuntu Demo Day.  I really do hope that
>  it doesn't close down and that it can find a new home.  If I had a empty
>  building that I could provide I'd happily provide space for the
>  exhibits, unfortunately my garage isn't big enough.
>  Dianne, have you spoken to the newspapers, and the local radio stations?
>  Rob

I saw this and was a little surprised as the Museum of Computing has
an affiliation with the Science Museum, and the Science Museum has a
large exhibits collection at Wroughton airfield about 5 miles South of
Swindon. Given that they've got several aircraft hangers on the site I
would have thought they could have found somewhere to put the Museum
of Computing - the only drawback would be that they might need work on
the buildings to make them suitable for computing equipment rather
than the buses/hovercraft etc.

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