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Darren check out the following websites:


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On 9/27/07, Darren.Mansell at opengi.co.uk <Darren.Mansell at opengi.co.uk> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've consulted the MythTV wiki and got some ideas but I was wondering if
> anyone else had any experience with getting a MythTV 'house' set up.
> I'm going to be moving very soon and I've got a 50" Samsung plasma
> planned with a MythTV front end set-top-box type PC connected to it.
> Then I want small LCD panels in the kitchen / other rooms etc to be able
> to access the recorded video / media / live tv etc. I know this won't be
> possible unless I have a PC connected to the TVs so I will have to make
> do with normal digital reception on these... unless I can find a cheap
> media extender than supports MythTV. Anyone heard of one?
> I know that when I turn the main TV and the Myth front-end PC it can't
> take long for TV to appear otherwise it will get very infuriating very
> quickly. This means I have to get hardware that supports ACPI perfectly
> so Ubuntu ACPI will work with it and I can keep doing standby/resume
> every time I want to watch TV/turn it off. Can anyone recommend a decent
> barebones / mainboard / whole set up that will work this way? It has to
> be very quiet too. I don't really want anything louder than my Wii so
> about 20dB is my max noise.
> I'm just looking for ideas and personal experiences TBH and any input
> would be appreciated. This seems to be something everyone is trying to
> do at the moment and getting some info together may be a good idea.
> Darren
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