[ubuntu-uk] wondering about pic quality?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Sep 25 18:43:25 BST 2007

> Ok heres the problem.
> I have to install a riser card for a graphics card in my pc. When the 
> graphics card is instlled the ports do not align at the back.
> So i was wondering is there anything that i can attach the graphics card 
> to the case..and then use some kind of extension to plug the gap from 
> the graphics card to the extension card!
> My case is a thermaltake mozart sx.
> Hope this makes sense

Is this the case?


Thermaltake mention something about a riser card which in the picture 
looks like it has a ribbon cable on.  Might be worth dropping 
Thermaltake (or wherever you got the case from) an e-mail.

With regards to how it'll look, my dad bought a new 32" LCD TV from 
Aldi, was only about £350, he didn't want to spend much so it suited him 

I plugged my Dell laptop in (which has ATI graphics) and it played 
really well once I setup the mode lines correctly for X.  IIRC it was 
running at something like 1366x768x60Hz.  I'd have to say the picture 
was really quite good.  HD videos looked great, the only thing that let 
it down was the CPU not being quick enough.

Good luck.  Case looks v.nice by the way.


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