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So if ubuntu is running at full wouldnt that mean more temps? im showing more temps in windows idle than i am in ubuntu idle! 

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nothing like hands-on testing is there :)
I would agree that I would trust to the BIOS rather than anything else - it may be that in windows the cpu is being throttled correctly, whereas under Ubuntu it's ignoring the BIOS settings and running at full-tilt all the time, which is going to make a significant difference in temps, particularly as when not under load in windoze my cpu speed throttles back to around 50%. I'm pretty sure there's a cpu-scaling widget you can stick on your deskbar that will show whether it's lowering the speed or not...  
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> Quick test - if you can touch the heatsink and leave your finger on> there for more than 5 seconds when the BIOS is saying 60degC then the > BIOS is incorrect.lol--Matthew G Larsen  > mat.larsen at gmail.com  > matthew.larsen at logicacmg.com --ubuntu-uk at lists.ubuntu.comhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ukhttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/UKTeam/-- 'In letters of gold, on a snow-white kite, I will write "I Love You!" And send it soaring high above you, for all to read!' RIP Billy M 1957-1997 
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