[ubuntu-uk] Release Party for Gutsy?

Mark Harrison Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com
Tue Sep 4 21:47:44 BST 2007

Good call.

I've entered details for a proposed BREAKFAST (near) Gatwick party.

In my life, morning meetings match a freer diary than evening ones :-)

Even if only 5-10 people come, it strikes me as a good PR stunt to be 
able to say that "there are launch parties around the UK throughout the 
day, starting at 8:00 at Gatwick, with big evening parties in London and 

... the point of these parties is, presumably, to be able to get out 
press releases IN ADVANCE so that (at least local) papers will pick up, 
and mention the new release - thus hitting markets that we wouldn't have 
done otherwise.


Ciaran Mooney wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to cast my vote for Birmingham.
> And I'd like to say having two will be a benefit rather than a
> problem. There seems to be enough people from the Midlands and the
> South regions to fill both events.
> Created a wiki page for those who want to have a look
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/GustyReleaseParty
> Cheers,
> Ciarán

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