[ubuntu-uk] Dans Guardian help?

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 21:26:41 BST 2007

> does local box mean the 'modem router' or a specific PC set up as
> something? I am not clear about what is the 'proxy port' (sorry). Is
> this the port to a proxy server or from it?
> As I understand things (and expect) the PCs will not really have a
> formal arrangement apart from being connected to the same LAN. One or
> more might be in use and I will not often be present at all.
> A main office PC will also be using the LAN, and will most likely be
> on always, however it is not linux and (for non technical reasons) I
> would prefer to leave that unmodified. Initially at least I would like
> to imagine that something (dans guardian?) could be installed onto
> each PC and be self contained in that machine. Does that mean that a
> proxy server (?) needs to be installed into each PC? or what? If this
> concept is valid it would be like a single home PC and router, at each
> PC. Maybe not elegant, but could it work?
> I suppose in time it might be practical to be more formal and take all
> PCs from one machine which is guarding the LAN, is that the usual SME
> or school technique?
> tia
> --

Although you can install dansguarian and a proxy on each machine, and
set the browser to listen to localhost, you're just setting yourself
up for headache.

The best thing to do is get an unused PC and install dansguardian and
squid/tinyproxy on it then point the client machines at this PC for
content filtering. If you don't, you'll end up administering lots of
instances of the software thus increasing workload and margin for



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