[ubuntu-uk] Re-installs - How do exp users do it?

Farran Lee fazzy.baboon at ntlworld.com
Mon Sep 3 12:32:51 BST 2007

Only partially related to the subject...
How do you set a separate partition for /home in Ubuntu? It doesn't seem
to give the choice in the installation process. I suppose I'd have to
create the partition manually after a clean install.
Thanks in advance if you can help

On Mon, 2007-09-03 at 11:42 +0100, Matthew Wild wrote:

> Hi,
> Firstly, I always have /home as a seperate partition. This preserves
> my files and per-user settings.
> As for installed software, there is a way to save what packages are
> currently installed. After installing the new Ubuntu, you can have it
> reinstall the packages automatically. This said however, I always make
> the list but I have never used it. There is something I like about a
> fresh start :-)
> In Terminal:
> dpkg --get-selections > filename
> dpkg --set-selections < filename
> ...to save and restore package states respectively.
> Hope this helps,
> Matthew
> On 03/09/07, Eddie Armstrong <eddie_armstrong at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> > I often read users saying when a new or new stable version is released
> > they do a fresh install and then re-install all their configs and
> > programs and other goodies.
> > So...
> > If I want to do a fresh install as above to end up with almost a clone
> > of my present system running on a new version of Ubuntu (or just a clean
> > one ) how can I get all my settings and all my programs etc without
> > doing it all manually - one program at a time  ?? How do the exp people
> > do it?
> > Eddie
> >
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