[ubuntu-uk] Niggly Problems

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 2 10:47:15 BST 2007

A couple of further thoughts in addition to my last e-mail.

1) Check the settings in the Volume Applet (the 'speakers' icon on the 
panel - right click on it for the pull-down)

2) Check the settings in System/Preferences/Sound


Ian Pascoe wrote:
> Hi Folks
> My Ubuntu 7.04 is as per Live CD install - ie no added goodies or extras.
> The desktop is about 5 years old now running an AMD 1.2GHz CPU with 1 Gb
> RAM - a fairly bog standard system without any fiddly extras bolted on.
> I have some niggles that I'd like to get rid of.  These are:
> A.  still can't get my USB HD to auto mount or if it does to be able to
> view/access it from the Gnome desktop.
> B.  Cannot seem to get Movie Player to play DVDs, although I can see it in
> the file Explorer
> B1.  Can't play the extra features DVD for any of the Harry Potter's my
> daughters have bought to watch with them this weekend.
> (Through the Gnome GUI)
> C.  The system beep is through the desktop speaker and not the sound card
> Any pointers/help much appreciated to get rid of these niggles.  Although I
> don't play on the command line normally, I'm not afraid to wonder there if
> need be.
> Cheers
> E

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