[ubuntu-uk] IPv6 - are you using it?

Michael Holloway michael at thedarkwinter.com
Wed Oct 31 09:28:45 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 00:14 +0000, Daniel Lamb wrote:
> Windows does support IPv6,
> When I asked a colleague(who has been working in it for 20+ years) what it
> was used for he explained, basically with nat it is pointless as was said
> before we cant or are unlikely to run out of ip addresses using IPv4.
> Regards,
> Daniel

I haven't checked in windows to see if you can configure your LAN port
with IPv6, but it is definitely IPv6 capable when resolving DNS. I work
in a domain management company running DNS servers, and we have 10s of
thousands of domain names. Off the top off my head i guess maybe 10 of
those zones contain and IPv6 address, and mostly in china. (i think).

The thing is, IPv6 will definitely be needed for the Internet, but i
think its going to be much easier to stick with v4 on local/ corporate
LANs... purely because you don't normally need more than class C/B
range, so you only need to remember 1 or 2 octets (instead of a bunch of
hex values) when you suddenly need to connect to a failing mail server.

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