[ubuntu-uk] IPv6 - are you using it?

Skeg Fast skegfast at monkeypc.com
Wed Oct 31 01:09:05 GMT 2007

Daniel Lamb wrote:
> Windows does support IPv6,
> When I asked a colleague(who has been working in it for 20+ years) what it
> was used for he explained, basically with nat it is pointless as was said
> before we cant or are unlikely to run out of ip addresses using IPv4.
> Regards,
> Daniel

Interesting. Does it support it by default? I've always assumed that one 
  of the reasons for the lack of uptake was because Windows didn't 
support it out of the box.

I've always just assumed that more IPs==better (hence my complete 
ignorance on the subject).

I understand how I can run several PCs/toasters/microwaves or websites 
on a single box with their own DNS entries, but at some point won't 
their be too many boxes for IPs?

Like I said, I don't properly understand networking so if anybody has 
any links that I could read then let me know (in a "I've read Wikipedia 
and the first few Google hits and also know that my arse isn't connected 
to my elbow" kind of way ;))

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