[ubuntu-uk] IPv6 - are you using it?

Gaurav Patel patelgaurav at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 22:17:32 GMT 2007

> Here's my (completly biased, and untrustworthy) opinion:
> IPv6 is a can of worms that I really *Don't* want to open.
> I'm not even convinced we need it anymore.
> They've been saying we're running out of addresses for how long? Most of our websites are run under one IP address, you don't need an ip-address per website anymore, and companies don't need class C's for their LAN's with NAT around now.
> (Class C used to be used for internet-connected LANs.)
> Have you ever tried to get your head round IPv6? I have... and promptly gave up. When I have to, I will, but I hope I never have to. Its not that memorable, or easy...
> Kirrus

The point of it is just that - you do not need to worry about
subnetting, or running out of addresses.
IPv6 wont be happening on any large scale for a few years yet for
exactly what you just said, but when it does, it will completely
change a lot of things.

Think of everything having their own public IP address... your mobile
phone, your computers at home, your car, your toaster(?!)

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