[ubuntu-uk] UbuCon UK Ideas

andylockran andy at zrmt.com
Tue Oct 30 12:33:15 GMT 2007

Pete Stean wrote:
> I have *major* connections in Manchester, and may be able to sort out
> something with the City Council IT people if this gets a bit firmer
> (I'm not the Government liason with the Digital Challenge 10 group of
> local authorities for nothing...)
> I could also move some levers with Brum, but the facilities I have in
> mind in Manchester (right in the city centre with a great suite of
> rooms) would be better I think
> And btw there's nothing wrong with redhat t-shirts, I have a baseball
> cap and a badge in fact  :)
> Pete
I'm from Birmingham and currently living in Manchester (just to make my 
bias transparent).  My Dad also lives in London Monday-Friday.

Any of those three locations would be alright for me.  However, I think 
there are some very decent venues in Manchester, and there are quite a 
few decent open source companies around Manchester that I would imagine 
to be interested in supporting an UbuConUK.  Manchester also has very 
many students (many of whom are yet to hear the good news re: ubuntu).

I also think it's a far better position for people traveling from all 
parts of the UK, with brilliant rail links and a nice big coach station. 

The pub scene is also very good, so there'll be plenty of places to 
socialise outside of the conference as well as inside it - and the 
prices are bound to be better than down south :)

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