[ubuntu-uk] UbuCon UK Ideas

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Oct 30 10:41:52 GMT 2007


Andrew Barber wrote:

> I own the frapper map. I set it up a long while back and forgot about it.
> I am from Glasgow and  I think that you are all talking alot of bollocks
> ;) Scotland IS part of the UK and you should stop thinking that
> Ubuntu-UK stops when it hits the border.

Which is why I suggested a location like Manchester. And it's about as
easy to get to as anywhere else in the country (motorway, train, coach,

> While I would personally favor a Scottish location, I would also add my
> +1 to Manchester. Is anybody involved with the University there? Could
> we borrow university facilitates etc?

Yes, me! MANLUG also meets here at the University every month and we
have some pretty conference facilities. Take a look at
http://www.conference.manchester.ac.uk/ for more information.

Given the activities suggested so far, I'm not sure that borrowing
facilities is really going to work. If we want a half way professional
looking conference, then we would need good local support from the
people used to supporting conferences.

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