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Andrew Barber andrew.alex.barber at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 09:53:19 GMT 2007

On 30/10/2007, Matthew Larsen <mat.larsen at gmail.com> wrote:
> We need to figure out a few things first:
> 1) Is it *actually* pheasable?

This requires a location? Will we be getting a free hosting place, will the
closest ammeanities provide us with cheep sponsorship (if we are doing

2) How many people do we expect to turn up?

Yet again, people up in Aberdeen may not travel to London, but they might
travel to location

3) Where are the people likely to turn up coming from?

Yet again, relative to location. If it were in london you would get more
concrete yes's.

4) How are we going to finance it?

Sponsors I would think, maybe a small entrance fee of a couple of quid.

5) How long will the event be?

I would think a day or two as much as a weekend. People wouldn't want to
take time off for these kind of things.

6) How are we going to market it?

We could send leaflets round to LUGs, try and get a notice (wallop) on
freenode, posters in universities, local (in relativity to the location)
leaflets in computer shops.

7) What will be on show?

Ummm open floor for now, can be decided after.

As you can see, location is quite crucial. Mainly on the first few points.
People are willing to get involved when they know where it is, think about
any other scenario. Think about if somebody asked you to go to aKademy 07,
the first initial response (if you knew what it were) would be what
location. It is the same for the people involved with the organisation.
Choosing a location can then open us up to choosing a location with
amenities, this can higher or lower our scope on what can be done at the
UbuCon. Maybe there is a computer lab (with linux) within the place, then we
could open up the possibility of a Free Software Game Tournament, tutorials
and many other things. We can't offer something then find out later the
location does not have such facilities.

Andrew Alexander Barber
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