[ubuntu-uk] UbuCon UK Ideas

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Mon Oct 29 19:54:09 GMT 2007

Hi all,

As we've hit 12 people expressing interest in making an UbuCon UK
happen, I want to take the discussion of an UbuCon in the UK onward.

The fundamentals: When? Where? Who? What?

When? Sometime in Spring 2008, meaning March to May. Gives us time to 
organise, we'll hopefully have some bearable weather, and could coincide 
with the release of Hardy Heron at the end of April.

Where? I'll say London, maybe because I'm a Londoner. I can think of a
number of venues that could host us. That said, it's an expensive place.
Other options could be any city with decent transport links and people
on the ground - Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh.
There has to be a core team of people in place, who know the area and
can donate brain and brawn, though.

Who? You! We will need people to organise, help out on the day, run
stalls, give talks. Plus, we need to reach out and get people to attend,
whether they're already using Ubuntu or are curious as to what this
linux lark is all about.

What? The attractions. We can have stalls, films, talks from the likes
of SABDFL, an Ubuntu-powered arcade, a laptop troubleshooting team
fixing boxes brought in, space for spontaneous BOFs and meetings ....
<add your idea here>
I'd also like to invite organisations and projects that aren't strictly
Ubuntu but related (or at least have software that runs on Ubuntu), such
as the Open Rights Group and OpenStreetMap, to broaden the horizons.

So: add your ideas to this thread; post them to the wiki
An open meeting on irc, or similar, will be organised soonish (after the 
Boston Ubuntu Developer Summit is done).


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