[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Profile

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Mon Oct 29 19:47:49 GMT 2007

>  We need solutions for this problem.  All persons won't buy boxes from 
> Tesco and so it is necessary that we have to support the commonly 
> available wireless cards, even if the manufacturer is not supporting 
> Linux. Difficult task to achieve .. but that is the way forward.  If 
> the number of linux users  increase, the manufacturers will be forced 
> to use their resources to make them compatible with linux.
I seriously don't get why people 'think everything just works' in Windows...
I bought a USB wireless interface for a friend earlier this year. A well 
know brand, Belkin, a Ralink chipset inside, with big XP compatible 
stickers on the box. Should take 5 minutes to get it working... Plugged 
it in, installed the drivers from the enclosed CD and viola... a semi 
functioning wireless connection that couldn't see half the networks in 
the area that my laptop could, and dropped out every couple of minutes...

Rubbish... uninstall/reinstall/download new drivers via my laptop 
(handy)/ uninstall/install new drivers/then fiddle some more/etc...

Stuff may well work in the end on Windows, but it isn't always easy... 
Don't get me started on the saga of getting my old scanner to work on 

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