[ubuntu-uk] Reply to my post

andylockran andy at zrmt.com
Mon Oct 29 13:29:19 GMT 2007

John DAVIS wrote:
> I would like to thank John Levin for his response to my post. The 
> information given, was very helpful and I would like to post further, 
> enclosing details of the pc,card and distro,(Gutsy Gibbon)
> My residence is France, I am from the UK. The French LUG's are very 
> helpful, Ubuntu is mega here, the language always poses a difficulty 
> at this level with support.
> I agree with Sean Miller, that it is the fault of the hardware 
> manufacturers but having said that, Linux is trying to compete as an 
> operating system and knows the pitfalls it faces.
> I am a semi retired engineer, who came to computing quite late on, I 
> try to keep going with it, because I believe it is the way forward for 
> me. It is just frustrating to not get anywhere, I expect the brain 
> cells  are the cause.
> Many thanks for letting me rant
> John Davis
No problemo :)

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