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John DAVIS davisjo at wanadoo.fr
Mon Oct 29 13:11:21 GMT 2007

I would like to thank John Levin for his response to my post. The information given, was very helpful and I would like to post further, enclosing details of the pc,card and distro,(Gutsy Gibbon)

My residence is France, I am from the UK. The French LUG's are very helpful, Ubuntu is mega here, the language always poses a difficulty at this level with support.
I agree with Sean Miller, that it is the fault of the hardware manufacturers but having said that, Linux is trying to compete as an operating system and knows the pitfalls it faces. 
I am a semi retired engineer, who came to computing quite late on, I try to keep going with it, because I believe it is the way forward for me. It is just frustrating to not get anywhere, I expect the brain cells  are the cause.

Many thanks for letting me rant

John Davis
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