[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu TV Advert

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Mon Oct 29 11:40:16 GMT 2007

We don't have PC sales in Tescos down in this part of the world
(Somerset)... we're backward in that way, you see... I did get a monitor
though, 17" widescreen TFT for a little under ninety quid so quite happy
with that store at present.

The point I was making is that Tesco should be encouraged to make something
of the fact they've started stocking Linux PCs, even if it is only on their
website.  The "Tesco Extra" facility, or whatever, means that I could have
one in my local store tomorrow if I desired waiting for me, albeit not on a
shelf.  As it is I have quite enough PCs, thank you!

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