[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Profile

andylockran andy at zrmt.com
Mon Oct 29 11:38:58 GMT 2007

Sean Miller wrote:
>     Without being a pain in the bottom.. I understand the whole Linux
>     situation very clearly.. but at the end of the day if it doesn't
>     work on
>     Linux then consumers are going to blame Linux - not the manufacturers.
> No, that's a misconception... nobody would buy an Apple Mac and then 
> expect every piece of windows hardware to work with it... why is 
> this?  Why should they go for Linux and expect anything different?
> It's because Linux has traditionally been a "buy a windows machine and 
> install Linux on it" scenario rather than "buy Linux from the shop 
> intact".  Once shops are selling pre-installed Linux they'll also, 
> presumably, give advice on which wireless cards to buy etc. etc...
> We're getting there.  Let's not all dwell on historic negatives that 
> don't actually really exist to the same extent any more.
> Sean
I think it's the fanboism (I like that new word) that helps apple.

You're right though - it's becoming a historic negative.  It doesn't 
exist to the same extent - but it's still an elephant in the room... 
(although the room is loads bigger, and the elephant a lot smaller).


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