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Hi David,

You are not the only one with wireless issues on Ubuntu. I have helped
several people to get their wireless working on Ubuntu.. After several hours
of tweaking when it finally start working, they make a statement that ' it
is so easy to do this stuff in windows' .  Linux users may not necessarily
agree with this statement, but for an average person this is so true.

Wireless networking is an issue which needs some sorting out from main
developers in ubuntu. I would say that they have done quite well in
supporting some of the wireless cards, but still there are some gaps to be
filled in . Some of the USB wireless cards especially with Ralink chipsets
are having some problems in Ubuntu. You may need third party drivers ( for
e.g serialmonkey drivers) to get it running. Even after that, you may
experience some problems regarding the ehci_hcd support (module for USB 2.0)
.  This hasn't been sorted out yet and this is an area we need to focus on.

If we can't support the common man, ubuntu will not succeed. Before thinking
a lot about advertisements (TV, BBC, Newspaper) we need to sort out these
basic issues or atleast make the main developers/ bug-solvers to look into
this matter. If you look into the forums, you can see that these are ongoing
problems for the past releases too and it was never solved completely, even
though there has been some progress.

To have said this, we need to also understand that Ubuntu cannot support all
wireless cards available in the market as it is a herculian task. But
atleast we make sure that the commonly available cards like Belkin, Linksys,
Netgear, edimax etc are supported. We can't just blame the manufacturers for
not making the linux drivers and leave issues like that. We need solutions
for this problem.  All persons won't buy boxes from Tesco and so it is
necessary that we have to support the commonly available wireless cards,
even if the manufacturer is not supporting Linux. Difficult task to achieve
.. but that is the way forward.  If the number of linux users  increase, the
manufacturers will be forced to use their resources to make them compatible
with linux.

I agree to this statement from davis "It does not matter how good the distro
is, without the internet, email and printing, the operating system has
little  value"


On 10/29/07, davisjo <davisjo at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
>  I like Ubuntu, I think it is the best distro and the highest quality.
> I would also like to see the profile of Ubuntu raised in the market place
> but feel there are some issues in Ubuntu that need addressing.
> I have attended night school to learn Ubuntu basics but still cannot get
> my wireless card to work or print something of any value.  Mandriva has been
> the easiest to configure with a wireless card.
> Windows, whether we like it or not is simple. I have read all the info in
> the Wiki about connecting wirelss cards etc but to no avail. I am doing
> something wrong but in the absence of friends etc, how do I resolve this
> problem ?
> I would prefer Ubuntu to resolve the problems of connectivety even if that
> means a small charge for each distro to cover the cost of commercial
> software.Or maybe reduced charge telephone support for home users.
> It does not matter how good the distro is, without the internet, email and
> printing, the operating system has little  value.
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