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Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Mon Oct 29 11:27:04 GMT 2007

On the subject of Linux and wireless cards it is an unfair criticism to
make... the reason that Linux and wireless has always been such a hotbed of
discussion is because the folks that make wireless cards normally don't, by
default, make them compatible with Linux, presumably thinking "well, as long
as we put 'Supported OS: XP, Vista' that'll be fine." - the wonderful
ndiswrapper utility goes a long way to resolving this in a large number of
cases and the Linux kernel is coming with increasing numbers of "out of the
box" drivers month on month - so Linux is trying its best and doing well.

In other words, it isn't the fault of Linux that these cards don't work but
the manufacturers.

In a scenario where a Linux PC is sold in Tesco or whatever with wireless
this won't be an issue, because the people won't be having to check
compatability.  It will be a given.  Upgrades will also be less of an issue
moving forward because if people start buying Linux in numbers then
manufacturers will have to get themselves in order and state categorically
on the box whether a peripheral will work in Linux or not.

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