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Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Mon Oct 29 08:45:52 GMT 2007

Whilst I would hate to sound like a spoilsport, we do have to think about
the demographic of the people answering this survey... what percentage of
"follow my leader Microsoft buyers" are likely to be browsing the BBC
Technology News website and what percentage of the ones that do are likely
to take the time to answer a survey about something or other released by
Apple that they don't give a damn about because they love Vista, XP, 98 or
whatever they're happy with?

I think we all know that 15% of people in the UK don't use Linux... but it's
a growing number and with a level playing field it would almost certainly be
a significantly higher percentage than even that.  I would say that a lot of
people buy computers from high street stores or out of town shopping
complexes.  We need Linux in PC World, Currys and Woolworths - not to
mention Argos, Comet and supermarkets (see other thread re. Tesco).
Without it there we're going to lose about 80% of potential consumers who'll
just wander in and say to some salesman "I want a computer" and be shown 4
or 5 alternative options almost certainly all of which will be running
Windows Vista.

Remember in the 80s when you used to go into Boots or WHSmith and there'd be
a wall filled with Home Computers? There'd be the ZX81, the Spectrum, a
Commodore 64 probably playing some shoot-em-up on its screen, an Oric
pretending to be the world's primary programming machine with its wonderful
version of Forth, perhaps a Dragon 32 and if you were really lucky the king
of them all the mighty "BBC Model 'B'" and its little brother the "Acorn
Electron".  You could browse each and see which one you liked... all
different hardware and software...

We don't need that many operating systems these days, computers have grown
up, but it does bemuse me how when we have three major Operating Systems in
the home market these huge stores only stock one.  PC World normally has a
token 3 or 4 Macs, presumably in order to be able to claim they're offering
choice, but they're stuck at the back somewhere and not promoted like their
Microsoft counterparts.

Sorry, strayed back off topic.

Here's a thought... you go to Apple's site and you get streaming videos
promoting OS-X.  Why don't we have those on the Ubuntu site?  Surely we
could come up with some multimedia tours, rather than just screenshots?

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