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andylockran andy at zrmt.com
Sun Oct 28 16:44:19 GMT 2007

alan c wrote:
> Tony Scott wrote:
>> Click (BBC TV News):
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk92zMa84aU
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/6733501.stm
> The bbc click episode is a good one. It introduces Open Source in a 
> convincing way, and also Ubuntu, followed by the interview with Mark S 
> and I think it all comes across very well.
> The same morning this was broadcast, I was displaying on my Infopoint 
> table at the local Computer Fair, and several people came to talk and 
> ask about stuff, specifically mentioning the program. To these people, 
> I had been invisible in previous months!
> If I give a talk to local computer clubs about open source I may often 
> include some of it to illustrate a point.
> Worth noting what might be obvious that:
> - News items or journalists items etc are free (to us)
> - Learning how to manage 'News', publicity, and how to initiate it, is 
> a most valuable art, and is something which is worth taking on board.
> - However brilliant something is and well proven and reliable and 
> ongoing - this is not 'News', and since the media is hooked on 'News' 
> something controversial has to happen to make 'News'

I'm not sure how many people work professionally with ubuntu on this 
list - but I think a major news item would be the number of companies 
now turning to ubuntu ahead of linux.  It's all about having a 
eye-catching statistic/event.  The main advantage that Ubuntu has, is 
that it has ballast behind it to back it up - rather than just become 
'another headline'.

I'm not sure how far Paladine is getting with the UUSN, but to couple 
the launch of something like that - nicely integrated with the some 
exposure to the excellent ubuntu-forums and a bit on the 3D desktop 
would grab some media attention.

It's a shame we couldn't usurp the launch of Leopard with a nice BBC 
article the week before on Gutsy.  It is such articles that can bolster 
the Public's general opinion of Linux (IMHO).  If Gutsy is given no poll 
on the BBC website (but Leopard is) then the public are going to have 
the view that leopard is someone bigger (and better). 

It's also a question of branding.  The Ubuntu brand is getting to a 
stage where it being 'GNU/Linux' is decreasing in importance.  Just as 
'GNU' was dropped by a number of people from Linux to make it appear 
more user friendly; Ubuntu has taken over where Linux has dropped off.

I first heard about Linux, then learned of the GNU project.  I will give 
all credit to RMS and GNU for placing substantial effort into the 
development of Free Software, however, in written articles I would still 
refer to my system as a Linux-based system.  I digress.

My point is that Ubuntu is building up a strong brand image, and as said 
previously in this thread - the brand image needs integrating strongly 
across all sections and then publicising through case studies and 
concrete gains.  We need some flagship products and communication with 
editors/journalists to get articles written.  IMHO a TV advert or a 
newspaper article isn't what Ubuntu needs yet.  If the consumer can't 
yet go out and get an ubuntu-powered PC from their local store - what 
point is there of advertising it to them? 

Although I love everything about ubuntu - the majority of British 
Consumers won't go out and burn an iso - and the main reason I put this 
isn't because the task itself is difficult - but it's the data 
management.  Where does the users current data end up?

There are hurdles to overcome before reaching the mass-market through 
advertising.  I think we should wait a little while (though let's start 
raising funds now).

(Sorry for the long mail :))


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