[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu TV Advert

Mark Harrison Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com
Sun Oct 28 12:09:00 GMT 2007

Darren Mansell wrote:
> I'm thinking now is about the right time to really introduce the 
> uninitiated to Ubuntu.
> We are at about critical mass where software and hardware companies 
> can't just ignore Linux so lets take it a step further.
> I think the majority of people will have heard Ubuntu either 
> subliminally or consciously so I think a TV advert will have a far 
> greater effect than it may seem.
> Does anyone have any information on how much a TV advert on mainstream 
> TV would cost? How much it costs to place it at certain times? (e.g. in 
> the middle of the Gadget Show on five). And how much does it vary 
> between channels like Bravo / Men&Motors and ITV / Ch4?

1: You had a budget of about £85,000 for "media space" (ie buying the 
television time)

2: You could get all the production done for nothing...

... then you could expect to reach about 12 million people. According to 
our agency, the "cost per thousand eyeballs" is relatively similar 
whether you go for one prime-time slot or (as they recommend) about 50 
spots per month on the more niche channels.

A far better bet might be for someone (Alan as POC or someone from 
Canonical) to email Jason Bradbury to see whether there's anything we 
could do to help. www.jasonbradbury.com is your friend.

It's worth noting that he DOESN'T charge for mentions on his shows - he 
just tries products he's interested in, and talks about them if he likes 
them. (Fortunately, he liked one of our products.)

HOWEVER, and this is important, television is, in our experience, 
significantly LESS impactful than people believe. A good 5 minute slot 
about a "bang on message" product in the middle of the gadget sale, led 
to less than 100 extra sales.

What television is good for is reminding people about products they 
already have a good conception of, and pushing them to ask for a 
particular brand they already know about. It's lousy at introducing 
people to new things.

The idea of a podcast piece is good - as is offering up genuine news 
items, and making sure that we get as much coverage as MS / Apple. (Alan 
- I know I owe you stuff on this... the week's been "not as planned"... 


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