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Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
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I like the idea, and think that it'd be better coming from a hardware vendor, like Dell, rather than direct from Ubuntu on TV.

I don't think that market saturation within the UK has got anywhere near the limits where terms that we are familiar with, such as Linux, Ubuntu, Live CD, Free/Open source etc etc, are known.  I would even go so far as to suggest that the UK's knowledge of Mark shuttleworth isn't really that much better.

If we could get the UK Times newspaper to syndicate one of the US's or Indian Times articles, with some appropriate background work, a suitable article could be prepared for local and regional news media referring back to this original article.

Has their been anything specifically on Radio 4s Click On IT program directly relating to Ubuntu?  Again another source that could be referred back to to provide the necessary standing and base to develop a strategy from.

So, I guess what I'm suggesting is what Chris R et al have suggested in an around about way, and that is setting up a firm base of credible sources from which the general public will believe, which will be used to build a suitable marketing / information campaign.

His Excellency, Alan Pope I, are you aware of anything Ubuntu corporate side that we can build on or support?  There seems to be a consistent re-emergence of the marketing idea and we seem to get all fired up about it, and then it fades away.


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On Sun, 2007-10-28 at 10:07 +0000, Darren Mansell wrote:
> I'm thinking now is about the right time to really introduce the 
> uninitiated to Ubuntu.
> We are at about critical mass where software and hardware companies 
> can't just ignore Linux so lets take it a step further.
> I think the majority of people will have heard Ubuntu either 
> subliminally or consciously so I think a TV advert will have a far 
> greater effect than it may seem.
> Does anyone have any information on how much a TV advert on mainstream 
> TV would cost? How much it costs to place it at certain times? (e.g. in 
> the middle of the Gadget Show on five). And how much does it vary 
> between channels like Bravo / Men&Motors and ITV / Ch4?
> I'm wondering if we could start a donation fund then ask Canonical to 
> match what we raise or go directly to Mark Shuttleworth or something.
> Think about what we could do with the advert, the talent of the 
> Open-Source community coming together with ideas and contributions. We 
> could show Compiz Fusion against Aero. Make a joke about the cost, 
> something like a fake shopping channel where the orange guy shows off 
> this fab Operating System and the cost is on the screen as £0.00 and all 
> hell breaks loose with people ringing in for it etc. and they think the 
> price must be wrong on the screen. You get the idea.
> What do you think?
I think TV would be a bit expensive (toyed with the idea myself)
Maybe a newspaper or radio ad?
eg The Times:

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