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Matthew Larsen mat.larsen at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 10:13:25 GMT 2007


I think a TV Advert is a great idea, but it is an extremely expensive
outing! I would imagine it would cost upwards of £100k to get an
advert on the regular 5 for a decent period of time. That's not
including costs of other things such as the production of it,
supporting elements such as a special website dedicated for those
coming from the advert and possibly a huge marketing effort unifying
all the branding (which is worth doing before some sort of TV

That said, if someone is willing to get the ball rolling I am happy to
put some resources into it (I am part of my company's film society and
i'm pretty nifty with video tools).

On aside it might be worth going down the firefox route and having an
open competition to make an advert, or we could possibly get a
full-page ad in one of the papers like the Guardian or Times say?


On 28/10/2007, Darren Mansell <darren at vcoc.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm thinking now is about the right time to really introduce the
> uninitiated to Ubuntu.
> We are at about critical mass where software and hardware companies
> can't just ignore Linux so lets take it a step further.
> I think the majority of people will have heard Ubuntu either
> subliminally or consciously so I think a TV advert will have a far
> greater effect than it may seem.
> Does anyone have any information on how much a TV advert on mainstream
> TV would cost? How much it costs to place it at certain times? (e.g. in
> the middle of the Gadget Show on five). And how much does it vary
> between channels like Bravo / Men&Motors and ITV / Ch4?
> I'm wondering if we could start a donation fund then ask Canonical to
> match what we raise or go directly to Mark Shuttleworth or something.
> Think about what we could do with the advert, the talent of the
> Open-Source community coming together with ideas and contributions. We
> could show Compiz Fusion against Aero. Make a joke about the cost,
> something like a fake shopping channel where the orange guy shows off
> this fab Operating System and the cost is on the screen as £0.00 and all
> hell breaks loose with people ringing in for it etc. and they think the
> price must be wrong on the screen. You get the idea.
> What do you think?
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