[ubuntu-uk] Solid State hard disks?

Mark Harrison Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com
Sat Oct 27 15:45:53 BST 2007

Hi all,

Does anyone know where (whether?) it's possible to get solid-state 
"disks" in a format that has an IDE / SATA cable attached?

Let me explain the thinking:

- A 4Gb solid state disk in an SD card format costs about £25
- A 4Gb solid state disk with a USB connector on it costs about £20

- Solid-state drives have increased massively in terms of "mean time 
between failure" over the last 4-5 years, to the extent that one could 
reasonably last "a few years" even as a working hard drive.

- Ultra low power consumption

- Zero noise

- 4Gb is (just) enough to shoe-horn a copy of Ubuntu onto for a basic 
"web browsing" application

Anyone else see where I'm going with this?...  Low-power motherboard 
(Mini-ITX?) coupled with a solid state hard disk would be a fully 
functional, silent, low energy "web terminal"... exactly what the kids 
could use for their bedrooms!


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