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Rohan Omard nem2killu2 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 27 01:08:55 BST 2007

Trawling through my usual read of the technology pages I came across this article on the BBC Technology page, entitled "Schools warned off Microsoft deal".
You can read the details here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/7063716.stm
and I would also recommend that you read more about the history of the issue here:

Now it seems to me, that with more and more overseas educational establishments going the open source route to great effect, that we should concentrate our efforts a
little more closer to home. Ubuntu and and more pertinently its derivative Edubuntu,
have now evolved to a stage where it is a more than viable alternative to the M$ option. More over, if linux open source is to continue to grow in the mainstream user groups, the we have to start cultivating the next generation  of users, programmers and enthusiasts now.

How many of us have children ( I have 12,  7 still at home) that use computers daily for various things from instant messaging to homework (in that order!)
Its time that the snazzy looking desktop that Daddy (or Mom) is using gets promoted more amoungst our kids and their mates. After all its free and fast and looks good.
The more that our kids go to school with Ubuntu (or Edubuntu) on their lips and open source as opposed to the usual, on their minds; will only help to convince the powers that be in education that perhaps, it would make more educational and economic sense to switch to open source for their educational ICT needs.
The support network is already in place and I am sure would cost much less than
the constant licensing fees payable to you know who.
The is also a much more important aspect to kids using open source in schools and it is this. Ubuntu and most of the other desktop aspiring distros are still works in progress though Ubuntu, of them all is getting mighty close to what the user wants to see working "out of the box" Those young, intellingent (for the most part) and inquiring minds could only benefit from using an OS where sometimes a little thinking, reading and exploration is needed, as opposed to using one that  is presented to them as a fait accompli (though in the case of hasta la vista even this is not true!). Also, given the innovative nature of children, there could be a lot to be gained from the insight of those who have not had the long history of using the "provided system" warts and all and have not developed the cynicism that a lot of us older heads have. So why not show off our spinning, working, super fast desktops to our kids more, give a few live cd's to our kids to give to their mates (or
 teachers), install edubuntu on our computers at home and show them how all of the wonderful stuff in there comes as standard and is free, to use, change (hopefully for the better) as they please. 
Out of the mouths of babes....................

What say you brethren.......................


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