[ubuntu-uk] Testing was Downgrading Ubuntu

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Fri Oct 26 22:36:23 BST 2007

One of the critisisums that have been raised against the ATSPI users is lack
of testing in certain scenarios.  Most of the testers use the latest Live
CDs, but it appears very few test the upgrade paths.

So, I was wondering what would be required to fulfill this particular area.
That of upgrade tester.

As I only have one machine at present, the only way I can see to do this is
to have two totally seperate installations - one for day-to-day work, and
the other for testing - is this practical, would this work, and can GRUB
deal with it?

Secondly, you'd be wanting to test the upgrade from the latest updated
stable version, so after you've done the testing installation for the first
time, can you make an image of it to make re-installation a quick and
painless thing?  And update the image to take account of future stable

Thoughts and suggestions please


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