[ubuntu-uk] Interesting BBC Poll Choices - promoting the message?

Mark Harrison Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com
Fri Oct 26 17:03:05 BST 2007

A few thoughts here:

- The BBC aren't dumb. If people are constantly re-voting for the same 
option, they'll notice, and if Linux people are doing that more than the 
rest, they'll probably start looking askance at ANY figures that show 
Linux adoption.

- While it's not unknown for broadcasters to show "fixed results", it 
seems unlikely in this case, and to a certain extent it's not about what 
the punters see, but what the internal BBC execs will see... so please 
vote if you haven't.

- I've posted a quick link to the poll on another Linux-related list 
that hasn't already mentioned it. If you are a member of your local Lug 
list (and if not, why not?) and they haven't started talking about it, 
feel free to spread the link :-)


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