[ubuntu-uk] Interesting BBC Poll Choices

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Fri Oct 26 15:32:59 BST 2007

Rob Beard wrote:
> Personally I think they got the poll wrong, I think it should have  
> said something like...
> Yes - Steve Jobs is God and I buy anything he tells me to
> No - I've got an older pre-G4 867 PPC Mac
> No - Linux is my OS of choice
> No - I'm a Microsoft Fanboi/I haven't seen the penguin shaped light yet
> I wonder what the older PPC Mac users will do.  I ended using my iMac  
> G3 as an LTSP client.
> Rob

I have a g3 iMac I use as a jukebox, running OS X 10.3. Been meaning to 
Ubuntize it, and get Amarok to perform the musical duties.


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