[ubuntu-uk] Best ISP?

Matthew Larsen mat.larsen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 09:04:06 BST 2007

> Well, I'm with BT so there!  OK, the download speed is not sparkling at
> 6.7Mb max, but that's more than enough for what I need.
> Billing's been a dream as well as reliability.  Up until a fortnight ago,
> I'd have said that the Indian call centre was a downer due to the way they
> keep to scripts, but having phoned the support team up, with little
> expectation, to set up evolution, to be greeted with:
> - Are you using Outlook?
> - No, I'm trying to set up my Linux installation
> - Ah, in that case you'll need ....
> and proceeded to supply me with all the relevant information including extra
> bits and pieces I didn't need like port numbers for the servers etc, I'm now
> quite impressed.
> Anyone else had a similar experience with a main stream ISP who apparently
> was an MS house?

Well your a very lucky dog because BT is absolutely appauling with me,
and has been since 2001. They are slow, expensive, force you to have a
phone line, unreliable, traffic filter when they feel like and enforce
their stupid rules on you (ie they always have to send mail to your BT
account: Even if you NEVER use it because they spam you on it). They
are not interested in getting off their backsides to help you as a
user. Ever. They lie. They cheat. I hate them and unfortunatly the
government will not do anything to sort them out. I believe they are
crippling this country with their incompetence.

Unfortunatly they own 99% of the phone lines so *nobody* has a choice.

I am looking forward to WIMAX to get away from them.

Matthew G Larsen
   > mat.larsen at gmail.com
   > matthew.larsen at logicacmg.com

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