[ubuntu-uk] Kittens in ubuntu pose

Daniel Lamb daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk
Thu Oct 25 14:46:33 BST 2007

Lol well feel free, you can use it for whatever you like.
What link do you mean?

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Quoting Daniel Lamb <daniel.lamb at dlcomputing.co.uk>:

> Just realised my kittens are kind of doing the Ubuntu sign, maybe not
> though, check it out http://www.openyourwindows.com/ubuntu.JPG.
> Daniel

Aww thats so cute.

What we need is someone to put an Ubuntu logo (and link) on there,  
then we can e-mail it out to everyone we know who likes pictures of  
cute kittens, kind of line a cute Ubuntu viral marketing scheme.


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