[ubuntu-uk] What mail client do people use.

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Thu Oct 25 14:41:51 BST 2007

** Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> [2007-10-25 13:28]:
> Hi Dave,
> On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 13:01 +0100, Dave Morley wrote:
> > So I just wondered what everyone else uses?
> This is clearly a Friday question :)
> Evolution when I am at home connecting via IMAP to my mail server in
> telehouse.
> If I am away from home and don't have my laptop, or have no connectivity
> with my laptop, maybe at work, I'll use ssh to my mail server and use
> mutt on it directly.
> If I'm at friends or relatives without my laptop I'll break out the Palm
> TX PDA and connect over WiFi or bluetooth (through my phone) and use
> either mutt (painful) or the built in imap mail client on the Palm.
> If I only have my mobile phone, a Nokia 6680, then I'll use gprs/3G and
> connect over ssh using putty to my server and run mutt :)
> This is one of the reasons I love mailing lists and hate forums. I can
> read mail _anywhere_ on pretty much any device, and can reply both
> online and offline.
** end quote [Alan Pope]

I tend to use Mutt pretty much all the time. If I need to view and HTML
mail then I'll fire up Thunderbird (which my wife uses all the time),
and for web access I use Roundcube.

I have tried the build in mail client on the Palm (Versamail iirc), but
I've not found it usable. For a start it doesn't come close to listing
all my mail folders (it manages 16 and I have around 1235!) If it just
managed the main ones I wouldn't mind, but I've not managed to work out
how it chooses the 16 it does have. It certainly can't cope with
subfolders. I used a trial of Agendus which is orders of magnitude
better. There was one issue which I can't remember off hand. I need to
take another look now I have my Palm back from repair and decide whether
to actuall buy (shock horror) a copy.

That said my Palm is playing up again already. It is just out of
guarantee now and I can't calibrate the stylus, it just gets stuck in a
loop and never completes the calibration. That was one of the original
problems, along with the failure of the main on/off button. It may have
colour, sound and most importantly wifi, but it isn't a patch on my IIIx
for reliability, and the new Graffiti is much harder to use than the
original and painfully prone to getting it wrong. Sadly they seem to
have tried to stoop to the level of the Windows CE devices :(

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