[ubuntu-uk] What mail client do people use.

David Restall - System Administrator dave at restall.net
Thu Oct 25 13:16:45 BST 2007


> I used to hate using Evolution but since I last used it to the release
> in Gutsy things have improved greatly.  The whole experience is a
> pleasure.
> So I just wondered what everyone else uses?

It's probably totally irrelevant but I use nail & vi.  The one true path
to idiosyncrasy :-P  munpack is your friend.  I was using mailx until
quite recently but felt that it was perhaps time to move with the times
as nail has much better attachment handling for outgoing mails - with
mailx I was using uudecode and uuencode to do it and had a mishmash of
perl scripts to do little things like add a signature.


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